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I'm gone, but I don't know where

I close my eyes, but I can't forget you

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This is Ella the chink. She is a smoker but attempts to quit. She likes water and cherrys. She believes the best way to start your day is with someone you like, a cup of good coffee, and a cigarette.
Strengths: energetic, friendly, asian stealth powers
Weaknesses: cigarettes, alcohol, hot boys, hot girls, stealing, friends, death con 7
Special Skills: talking, shopping, stealing, smoking, and she kicks ass at death con 7
Weapons: knives, razor blades, biting
Favorites: MSI, marb 100s, dasani, black, lip rings, piercings, sharp metal

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There was a little prince with a magic crown. An evil warlock kidnapped him, locked him away in a cell in a huge tower and took away his voice. There was a window with bars. The prince kept smashing his head against the bars hoping that someone would hear the sound and find him. The crown made the most beautiful sound that anyone had ever heard. You could hear the ringing for miles. It was so beautiful, that people wanted to grab the air. They never found the prince. He never got out of the room. But the sound he made filled everything up with beauty.
- Julian Schnabel

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